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Fu Man Shu - Eric Frazier

Eric Frazier

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Jazz Musician, Tap- Dancer, Singer,
and TV Host

Photographed by David A. Powell


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Eric Frazier was born in Harlem, New York City. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York in a family of eight children. He ran track and road races for 27 years. His love of the physical culture and creative expression led him to the study of the Conga Drum, Djembe Drum and African Dance. He has since expanded his artistic endeavors to singing, trap drums, tap dance, and percussion.

Eric's performance can be describe as follows:


Eric’s shows are eclectic, energetic, inspirational, lively

, and fulfilling. His shows typically capture the imagination and entail the enjoyment of audience positive perspectives and audience interaction. It is common to see, smiles, laughter, and wonder on the part of those fortunate enough to be in attendance. People parenthetically, leave his shows with feelings of inspiration, aspiration, forward perspectives, and positive outlooks on what is to come next in future shows. 

Eric Frazier has achieved international and national acclaim during the past decade. A singer/songwriter/composer with the spirit of music in his blood, he burst onto the scene after transitioning from a career in education as a school Principal and Education Executive to follow his passion for music and storytelling.

A drummer by nature, Eric learned to play the conga drums, trap drums, piano and tap dance on his own and has been entertaining crowds ever since!



Eric was the co-host of WLIU Jazz radio 88.1 FM in Brooklyn and has appeared on numerous radio stations across the USA. His music has lead him to become a renowned artist known throughout different parts of the globe.


Eric Frazier is a well known and popular Jazz artist and entrepreneur in New York City. If you have not seen him perform yet you are in for a treat! 


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Update Contact Info:
(718) 207-4836


The impact of my music can serve to inspire others or put a positive spin on their thoughts and actions. It encourages laughter, smiles, finger snapping, head bobbing, foot stomping and bodies in motion. It projects positive thinking and forward movement. You, the people, influence my music...

In The Same Place

This recording is a venue through which you will visit a multitude of places within your style that facilitates not only your well being but also the joy of your imaginative spirit in real time.


Upcoming Events

Come join us at one of our next  Events!

The Fort Greene Park Jazz Festival 

3-7PM Saturday, October 7, 2023

featuring The Kentucky Parkis Quartet!

The Eric Frazier Band and featured vocalists!!

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F4F868EC-7C06-482C-A920-556AF665FE65_1_105_c.jpeg, Barnes & Noble and everywhere online!

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"Cultural Spectrums & Jazz Pearls

1AM Mondays and 2PM Every Wednesday

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The Fort Greene Park Jazz Festival began in July 2010 and has provided live Jazz entertainment for families, neighborhoods, communities and New Yorkers at large. It draws from artists affiliated with Eric Frazier's network.


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